The Rivers of Hope Toolkit

The Rivers of Hope Toolkit is a free, downloadable resource for Muslim women who have been through Islamophobic violence. 

The Toolkit was designed and illustrated by Azza Abbarro and authored by Sidrah Ahmad-Chan. Although the resource was orginally designed for Muslim women, we hope that it has something to offer for anyone who is affected by Islamophobia or racism.

The Toolkit contains...

Definitions of Islamophobia, gendered Islamophobia, and anti-Black racism

Research about Islamophobic violence

A list of the different forms of Islamophobic violence

A discussion of the impact of Islamophobic violence

Quotes and lived experiences of survivors of Islamophobic violence

Poetry by Muslim women on the topic of Islamophobic violence

Tips on how to feel better after an incident

Do's and Don'ts for supporting survivors of Islamophobic violence

The 4 D's of bystander intervention

Support resources for people who have been through Islamophobic violence

Reporting options for hate crimes