Our Mission

Our mission is to dismantle Islamophobia, racism, and all related forms of oppression. We aim to create a safer and more equitable world for us all.

Our Values

The Rivers of Hope Collective shares 5 core values that guide our work:

1. Decolonization & Solidarity with Indigenous Communities

We believe that we can only address Islamophobia and racism by understanding their links to settler-colonialism and committing to decolonization. We also believe that non-Indigenous people must learn their Treaty responsibilities and build relationships with Indigenous communities. 


2. Black Liberation & Anti-Racism

Black Muslims face both anti-Black racism and Islamophobia (AKA anti-Black Islamophobia). Black Muslims also often face anti-Black racism within Muslim communities. Rivers of Hope prioritizes the needs of Black Muslims and is committed to challenging anti-Black racism both inside and outside of Muslim communities.


3. Critical Muslim Feminism

We reject the idea that Muslim women and girls need to be "rescued". We recognize that there is a long tradition of feminism and women's rights activism within Muslim communities, a lot of which is inspired by faith. We also hold space for the ways that Muslim women, girls and feminine people face both gendered Islamophobia and misogyny. 


4. LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion & Safety

We support everyone who is is affected by Islamophobia or racism, including members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. We firmly believe that everyone deserves safety from all forms of bigotry and hate.


5. Lived Experience

Our work is informed and led by people with lived experience with Islamophobia, racism, and other related forms of discrimination. Our goal is to create resources that respond to the real needs of people who are facing these issues.